Cameron Fancourt

Have we crossed paths before? I’m Cameron.

I’ve been bankrupt three times (think: $5M in debt from one of the companies). And to balance things out, divorced three times, too. I suffered a debilitating breakdown, but went on to build a resilience coaching and advisory business that has also opened up opportunities as a global speaker, author, and entrepreneur.

Some of the brands I have had the privilege of representing include Starwood Hotels, Anytime Fitness, Massage Envy, and Toni & Guy Hairdressing.

It might seem incredible to go from such lows to these strengths. But it has come out of a lot of work on figuring out who I am, what I stand for and what I am here to contribute.

At 22 I built a commercial cleaning and services business from zero to $10 million dollars in two years. In my second business, I built a global hotel day spa business from zero to $12 million in three years, and expanded into the Asia/Pacific region, for which I raised significant capital from a high net worth individual worth $750 million. As well I’ve franchised 10 service-related businesses. The international business experience across the US, Asia and Australia is paired with the personal journey of resilience that means I bring you a solid, 360° view of how to 10X Your Business and Life.

I need you to understand I do not offer anything even close to a get-rich-quick scheme. What I AM is a credible, experienced business leader who has put in the effort to smash out of over $5M debt and a broken life, to leading international business brands - and my defining purpose is to help others see how they can do the same. I remember what it is like to feel that you cannot live authentically, to be striving to please and to be trying to achieve for the wrong reasons. I am here to say “enough is enough”. I am here to show you what is possible.

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