Resil​ience Coac​h and Mentor

As a business leader, executive or an up-and-coming entrepreneur, it can be a very challenging and a lonely road on your journey to success. While you may be driven by money or the fact you love what you do at work, you may from time to time find you have lost direction, you are stuck, not sure where to turn for good REAL advise and support.

Cameron has been a high flying entrepreneur building companies and working with some of the globes most well known brands, yet he has also suffered significant hardships, loss, tragedies and a breakdown. Suffering with a debilitating breakdown and anxiety disorder in 2013, after the loss of his father, grandparents, $2m in a business deal and divorce, left Cameron tired, burnt out and not able to function.

After years of personal discovery, professional help, life coaching and changing his life forever, Cameron has learned so much. He shares his successes and his significant losses in the work he does today. The experiences are real life, touching stories that will help transform your life. His story is of hope, inspiration and optimism. Turning a rut and disaster into hopes and dreams needs effort and focus.

With 24 years of business experience, but a lifetime and journey most people would not endure in a lifetime, Cameron is the person who can help you navigate through unchartered territory and come out the other side with learning so much more from those experiences along the way.

Cameron will walk with you, coach you and inspire you to achieve greater heights in your career and personal life, helping you grow as a person, partner, father/mother or friend. Whatever it is you need to take your life to the next level, Cameron has the knowledge and experience to support you on your journey.

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