Who is Cameron?

 Having spent more than a quarter of his life reinventing the business world, Cameron has always had solid willpower to determine his future. From the age of 22 years old, with only $5000 in his account and a hefty amount of courage, he decided to act fast and chase the successful life he had always dreamed of. From his first venture of building a cleaning business starting at 0 and rising to $10 million in less than three years, Cameron has continuously shown strives for innovation and commitment to not only changing the rules but creating them. 

He has now ventured into developing and structuring global businesses in the hospitality, fitness and wellness, beauty and retail niche business world. He has successfully grown these businesses from start-ups to multimillion-dollar enterprises.

His journey was never an easy feat. He had his fair share of gruelling challenges. He has seen one of his ventures go to the brink of failure while losing his father to cancer, facing divorce, and tremendous inner struggles. On top of it, he battled with ruthless business partners while suffering from poor health, sacrificing himself and his relationships above all others. 

The tough times, smooth sailing moments, and everything in between became remarkable tools in building his character and mindset to eventually becoming an intentional person, present father, and mindful businessman. 

He has spent the last 12 years of his life giving back through his coaching business, bringing about change and helping business owners and businesses thrive in becoming the best version of themselves through advising, consultation, coaching, and mentoring.

The Cameron Way

Once the business gains momentum, everything happens fast, and you start to get overwhelmed before you know it you are stuck.

Cameron helps business owners become the respected authority in not only their professional industry but throughout their lifestyle:

  • Business Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Development

Idea of Succes

Expensive car, Stylish home, and jaw-dropping social media photos from breathtaking views most people have just yet to see. People here and there appreciate how satisfied you are from the outside, but deep inside, you are hanging by a thread, ready to burst at the slightest sign of failure

We all need a break though.

Nobody wants to discuss rest. People around you complain about the constant commotion, and taking a break frequently sounds like a criminal offence or a sentence you inflict on yourself. As you try to express your sentiments, people will think you need a day off to meditate or temporarily put your thoughts elsewhere. Just rest today, and hustle again tomorrow.

We all need help

Cameron refuses to believe in this lifestyle that often eats up what is essential: time for oneself and the people who truly matter to you. He believes every individual is entitled to chase their dreams on their terms. Success is no easy feat, and you have to grind and work, but the truth is that there is no fast way to success. Cameron believes you can build success while re-sculpting your lifestyle and relationships with the right foundation, consistent implementation, and clear-sighted insight on what’s important 

Right foundation

It is true. You can make money quickly. Many people think it is still a good plan. But if you plan to make real money, don’t rush things. Keep both money and your relationships intact.

Consistent implementation

Becoming better by one per cent every day is better than no improvement at all. Long-term consistency is critical if you want people to take you seriously.

Clear-sighted analysis

The hard truth is better than cosy lies. The courage to understand clearly at the onset and to know what you need to get THERE is one of the most massive decisions you would ever make.